About Dr. Vazquez


I am Dr. Steven Vazquez and my work as a psychological counselor is a major passion for being on this earth.

My experience of over thirty-eight years in private practice has enabled me to develop skills to treat a wide range of people with different conditions. We moved to Austin in 2016 because my daughter and grandchildren live here.

I am a licensed professional counseling and licensed marriage and family therapist. I thrive on the leading edge of advanced counseling methodology and keep up with most of the recent research in this field. For me, there are few things as challenging and rewarding than to help someone who has been devastated become empowered, at peace or fulfilled. I love the interpersonal depth of each relationship in my sessions.

On the other hand, I like to be on the leading edge of the most advanced methods for healing. I study research and have written three books about my results-oriented approach. I want to help heal people with natural but powerful tools. I also like to train other therapists and have conducted over a hundred professional trainings.

I have also developed an ability for energetic healing due to a personal awakening in 1984 and have been a subject for scientific studies on healers. From this I developed ways to use light to facilitate extraordinary healing.

Dr. Steven Vazquez, LPC-S, LMFT

Founder of ETT

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