ETT for Couples Therapy

When couples find their relationship is suffering from challenging circumstances or poor communication, oftentimes past trauma may be the cause of dysfunction within the pair’s dynamic. Emotional Transformation Therapy® (ETT®) offers hope to those looking for resolution. Developed by therapist, Dr. Steve Vazquez, ETT® is an attachment-based interpersonal therapy that utilizes precise visual brain stimulation to amplify the healing process. If you think you could benefit from ETT for couples therapy, find an ETT therapist near you!

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How Does ETT® Work?

ETT® works by stimulating the emotional centers of the brain with precisely applied light and color. Observations have shown that his process alleviates distress and influences how emotional memories affect clients. Through this process, emotional distress can be alleviated and emotional balance can be restored. In addition to emotional release, ETT® also helps couples create emotional safety through increased trust and acceptance of one another.

The distinct visual stimulation employed in ETT® combines four procedures with interpersonal processes.

  • Multidimensional eye movement (MDEM) utilizes individualized visual targets to access the precise brain mechanisms of emotional or physical distress and quickly alter any disruptions.
  • The Spectral Resonance Technique (SRT) has the remarkable ability to induce emotional regulation very quickly. It utilizes a unique spectrum of intensely saturated colors to identify an absence of emotion and swiftly bring it back into balance, as well as evoke unconscious emotions that may be at the root of psychological concerns and modify them for long-term progress. In fact, SRT can even eradicate enduring anguish within one session!
  • Peripheral Eye Stimulation (PES) is an incredibly effective technique that employs specialized goggles and tiny beams of light to stimulate the brain's peripheral vision when engaging in interpersonal processing. It has proven invaluable for those who struggle with photophobia or intense emotional distress, allowing them to access their inner psychological parts quickly and reduce their pain. In particular, it is exceptionally beneficial for treating migraine headaches rapidly.
  • The Light Emitting Device is a revolutionary approach to emotional transformation, as it utilizes specialized light frequencies to address physical pain and mental distress. This technology allows practitioners the ability to pinpoint the exact wavelengths of many colors in order to accurately alter states of mind and eliminate discomfort. With such an expansive variety of applications, this device provides one with new opportunities for insight while providing relief from negative emotions.

Benefits of ETT® Couples Therapy

ETT® couples therapy has been shown to offer a variety of emotional benefits such as increased emotional intimacy, improved communication, and greater understanding between partners. This type of therapy also can help to identify emotional patterns that can lead to further conflict or misunderstandings. By working on the emotional connection between partners, ETT® helps to foster a stronger bond between them and provides them with the tools necessary to help sustain a loving relationship for years to come. More so, ETT can help provide rapid relief for couples who have been stuck in patterns of conflict, providing opportunities for creating new, healthier patterns.

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Bond Between Therapist and Clients

Emotional transformation therapy is a process that requires a strong bond between therapist and client. Through this method, emotional patterns that were once dismissed become recognized and accepted as important within the relationship. This type of therapy also provides emotional support through increased trust and acceptance of one another.


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