ETT® for Adult ADD and ADHD

While attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are often associated with childhood, these conditions continue well into adulthood. For adults dealing with ADD and ADHD, symptoms can have an extensive impact on day-to-day life. Fortunately, Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT®) can help. As an attachment-based interpersonal therapy, ETT® utilizes precise visual brain stimulation to alleviate the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. To discover whether this treatment is right for you, use our directory to find an ETT® therapist in your area.


Adult ADD and ADHD Explained

ADD and ADHD are neurological disorders that can affect individuals of all ages, often beginning in childhood and continuing through adulthood. The conditions, which are related, but not necessarily identical, are characterized by symptoms such as difficulty with attention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. Adults with ADD or ADHD may experience significant challenges in everyday life, such as difficulty completing tasks, remembering deadlines, or managing relationships. Understanding the symptoms and seeking appropriate treatment can help adults with ADD and ADHD effectively manage their conditions.

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What Is ETT®?

Emotional Transformation Therapy helps people handle emotions and relationships better by targeting the brain mechanisms that control emotion, thought, and physiology. This treatment is referred to as “attachment-based” because it aims to identify and adapt to each person's attachment patterns and regulate their emotions. Using precise wavelengths of color, it’s possible to target the exact areas of the brain causing problems, often alleviating psychological and physical distress within minutes.

There are four modalities of visual brain stimulation used in ETT®:

  • Multidimensional Eye Movement (MDEM) uses specific visual targets to access the exact brain mechanisms responsible for emotional or physical distress.

  • Spectral Resonance Technique (SRT) quickly results in emotional regulation using a specialized spectral chart of colors to detect a lack of emotional engagement and bring up non-conscious emotions that contribute to emotional symptoms.

  • Peripheral Eye Stimulation (PES) uses specialized goggles to emit tiny beams of light into the eyes’ periphery, providing instant effects in the brain. PES is especially valuable for people with light sensitivity or individuals who become easily overwhelmed.

  • A Light Emitting Device is a specialized device used to emit wavelengths of light into the eyes, reducing distress, alleviating physical pain, and facilitating extreme well-being.

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How ETT® Can Treat Adult ADD and ADHD

ETT® is a treatment option for individuals with ADD and ADHD that aims to alleviate symptoms without medication. Within a series of sessions, this therapy can engage the specific parts of the brain responsible for causing symptoms, offering a new approach to resolving both conditions. The goal is to achieve long-term elimination of ADD and ADHD symptoms. ETT® has shown to be effective in treating adult ADD and ADHD and promises a solution for individuals seeking medication-free management of their symptoms.

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The Benefits of ETT® for Adult ADD and ADHD

ETT® offers several benefits for adults dealing with ADD and ADHD. While traditional treatment for these conditions typically includes medication, this therapy provides an alternative that aims to reduce symptoms in a shorter timeframe. It can also help individuals with ADD and ADHD address the specific emotional and interpersonal patterns contributing to their symptoms. The use of precise visual brain stimulation during ETT® sessions can improve focus, memory, and executive functioning, making it ideal for adults who are not interested in or unable to take medication. Furthermore, this treatment may produce long-term symptom relief, allowing individuals to manage their condition more effectively over time. Overall, ETT® can provide adults with ADD and ADHD a way to resolve their symptoms and improve their quality of life without medication.

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