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ETT® Austin is the private practice of Dr. Steven Vazquez. Dr. Vazquez has been practicing in Austin since 2016. He works with adult individuals and couples.

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Why Austin Residents Should Consider ETT® Austin

Emotional Transformation Therapy® (ETT®) is a unique form of therapy that differs from traditional therapy. With over 40 years of experience, Dr. Vazquez has honed his skills to provide an attachment-based approach for clients suffering from trauma and mental health issues.

The bond between the therapist and patient is invaluable to the success of ETT®. We take pride in creating a safe and supportive environment for our clients to explore their innermost thoughts and feelings.

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The Power of Visual Brain Stimulation

In addition to the unique methods, Dr. Vazquez also utilizes precise visual brain stimulation that amplifies the outcome of therapy sessions. This type of stimulation helps to heal trauma and mental health issues by stimulating the brain in a way that traditional therapies cannot.

Dr. Vazquez is committed to helping his clients reach their unique goals and objectives. He provides a level of care and understanding that allows for true transformation on an emotional, mental, and physical level.

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A message from Dr. Vazquez:

Developing hope, peace, and fulfillment in people is my passion.

By using the most advanced psychological counseling methods, I individualize interpersonal approaches according to what is compatible with each person. In addition to sensitive bonding, I am results oriented to achieve the goals you identify. These results are often accomplished much faster than most people can imagine about counseling. For example, emotional distress is typically alleviated in minutes, and the same is true for physical pain relief. However, the goal is always to ensure the resolution will last, which often takes only a brief series of sessions. This results in a lower cost to you!

These unusual accomplishments usually take place through the innovative method of Emotional Transformation Therapy® (ETT®) that I originated. ETT® is an interpersonal method whose outcomes are amplified by the use of precise visual brain stimulation. Observations have shown that relief of depression, anxiety, and trauma usually occurs faster than the use of most medications, but without side effects, dependency, or long-term need. However, it usually works even when a person is taking medication, and ETT® offers a means to eventually get off of medication if desired. ETT® works even better if the person is not on medications and wants a proficient, natural means toward recovery.

Dr. Steven Vazquez, LPC-S, LMFT

Founder of ETT

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Benefits of ETT® Therapy

Emotional Transformation Therapy® provides a range of emotional and psychological benefits, including:

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Reduction of emotional distress

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Increased emotional regulation

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Deeper, lasting relationships

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Improved self-esteem and confidence

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Increased clarity and insight 

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Natural calmness & relaxation

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Heightened emotional intelligence

Whatever reason you may consider emotional transformation therapy, Dr. Vazquez will help you find the right path for emotional healing and emotional fulfillment.

If you are an Austin resident and would like to learn more about emotional transformation therapy or schedule a consultation with Dr. Vazquez, please contact us today! Below, you will find instructions for appointment preparation, and how to find our office.

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Prepare for Your Appointment

To prepare for your first visit, please confirm that all intake paperwork has been completed before your arrival.


ETT Austin is located at 3307 Northland Drive #325 in the Girling Building in Northwest Austin in a brown brick office building.

  • From Mopac/Hwy 1 take the 2222/Northland exit going west.

  • Turn left at 1st light onto Balcones.

  • Turn left into the shopping center at the sign for Fajita Pete's. (There's a Randall's Grocery Store to the right.)

  • Continue and Turn right in front of the realtor's sign "Northland For Lease" Girling Bldg ahead.

  • Park anywhere around the building.

  • Take the elevator to the 3rd floor.

  • Dr. Vazquez, ETT Austin is located in Suite 325.


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If you would like to learn more about emotional transformation therapy or schedule a consultation with Dr. Vazquez, contact him today. He looks forward to helping you find emotional healing and emotional fulfillment!

Dr. Vazquez is confident that emotional transformation therapy can help you, your family, and those around you in achieving emotional stability.

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