Client Testimonials

What Clients are Saying:

It Works and it Lasts

"I am so grateful for the work I have done with Dr. Vazquez remotely. It has helped me clear traumatic memories and painful emotions - almost painlessly and very fast. I've seen a therapist for years and this is next, next level. It heals in a way I have never experienced before in any other modality (and I've tried them all) - it works and it lasts. Dr. Vazquez is such an amazing healer - so grateful to have met him and to have trusted this experience - it works wonders."

- Kathrine Weissner

ETT Light Years Away From Other Therapy

"My wife's first husband died from brain cancer after a 2-year-long battle...during that time and after that she went to Dr Vasquez, and it was so amazingly helpful. When we first got married, both of us were surprised to find out that she still had residual trauma and triggers from her first marriage which had a serious and devastating impact on our family, with two young daughters still living at home. She found a local therapist trained in brain spotting and got a limited amount of help in one session, but that help is light years away from what she was able to get from Dr. Vazquez and ETT."

- Lee K.