ETT Light Device

Modality 4

The ultimate light device designed to optimize psychotherapy has been designed for ETT® use.

There are over a thousand scientific articles published about how specific forms of visual brain stimulation affects specific brain mechanisms and facilitates neurotransmitters to activate the brain. When specific wavelengths (color) of light enters the eyes, it is converted into neural circuits that circulate throughout the brain, even for purposes in addition to seeing. When interpersonal emotional processing is taking place and precise visual brain stimulation activates the appropriate brain mechanisms, emotional disturbance can alleviate within seconds. The more precise the wavelengths of light that are used, the greater the impact. Our light device can access over 134 million variations of wavelengths (color) of light. These can easily attune to the brain mechanisms responsible for a given emotion, physical symptom, or state of mind by a trained ETT® therapist.

ETT® is designed to produce outcomes that cannot or have not been produced by other methods of therapy , or why offer yet another method? These outcomes are outcomes of speed of resolution or to provide long-term resolution without medications. The following are unique attributes of the use of the ETT® light device:

  • The ETT® light device can elicit specific brainwaves that are optimal for a therapeutic task within seconds, unlike biofeedback that requires numerous sessions.

  • The ETT® light device can produce states of extreme wellbeing without drugs.

  • When verbal attunement to clients is accompanied by appropriate light stimulation through the use of the ETT® light device, the bonding between client and therapist is amplified. The bond between therapist and client is the single most important factor in any form of therapy.

  • The use of the ETT® light device has the capacity to activate states of extreme wellbeing that are otherwise produced by drugs or plant medicine such as:

    • A profound sense of peace (like that acquired with heroin)

    • An emersion into the present moment (like that acquired by marijuana use)

    • Physical pain control (similar to morphine or oxycontin)

    • Euphoric love (similar to ecstasy (MDMA))

    • An elevated perception of self-esteem (similar to cocaine)

    • Energetic states (similar to methamphetamines)

    • Psychedelic states or states of direct spiritual awareness (similar to states acquired through LSD, psilocybin (mushroom) or DMT (ayahuasca) and other psychedelic substances)

All of these states are acquired by activating our own neural receptors naturally and are legal, and have no drug side-effects.