Integrate ETT in Your Practice

Acceptance and Behavior Change

When intense emotions come to a rapid and complete resolution, there is no longer a motive to be dissatisfied about one’s state of affairs. Therefore, acceptance, not resignation, frequently occurs regarding events that one cannot control. When emotion transforms from dysfunction, behavioral change has a strong tendency to change because it is no longer congruent with one’s emotional state. By changing a client’s emotions, the source for dysfunctional behavior becomes absent. This often happens without coercion or struggle.

An Advanced Inner Parts Model

Many people find an inner psychological parts model of treatment to be valuable. ETT® now has a process that can literally dial activation of each internal psychological part in seconds. These inner parts can be isolated for therapeutic processing or guided to facilitate internal dynamics of inner conflicts within minutes. The speed and efficiency of this process can occur because of the ability to quickly resolve client emotions.

Accessing Buried Emotional Memory

Most psychological symptoms possess contributed factors that are implicit for which clients have no conscious awareness. This is particularly true for trauma, addiction, anxiety, and depression. In this case these factors are usually not accessible by means of conscious verbal dialog alone. The use of precise visual brain stimulation during client dialogue makes it possible to reach these important factors and facilitate change.

ETT® is the ultimate body based psychotherapy due to its capacity to access emotion manifested as physical symptoms and its proficiency of rapidly resolving this emotion as well as the physical symptoms. When the stress component of a verified medical condition is identified and relieved, medical symptoms tend to substantially be relieved as well.

The New Couples Therapy

ETT® provides a new level of treatment for couples therapy. In most cases unresolved emotions are a primary impediment to harmony between partners. The strength of ETT® is the rapid, long-term resolution of distressing emotion between partners. In addition, ETT® can rapidly access implicit emotion in each partner that is a source of most couple conflict. ETT® also offers a means to access emotion for couples that lack intimacy. These treatment abilities provide a major impact on couples relationship.

Revolutionary Addiction Treatment

Possibly the ETT® treatment for addictions may be one of the most significant forms of treatment for addictions. The Addictive Template Model for addictions focused on rapidly resolving addiction long-term. By dismantling the brain’s addictive neural network and the implicit emotional memory related to addiction, resolution can occur in weeks. Relapses tend to cease, and addictive craving is often eliminated.

Facilitating States of Extreme Wellbeing

ETT® possesses the capacity to produce states of extreme wellbeing that are usually associated with drugs or plant medicine. However, it has no drug side-effects and these outcomes last much longer than drugs. ETT® is particularly valuable for helping people in existential crises or identity crises.

It would normally require stringing together a wide variety of therapeutic methods to achieve these extraordinary outcomes. However, ETT® possesses a variety of procedures to individualize treatment to each person and each condition. Many therapies attempt to facilitate rapid relief of psychological symptoms without any expectations of a long-term resolution of the pattern. With ETT® it is possible to acquire both rapid relief of symptoms and long-term resolution due to its capacity to access contributing sources.