Spectral Resonance Technique (SRT)

Modality 3

This procedure uses an unusually highly saturated spectrum of color used in conjunction with client emotional expression to produce rapid transformation of emotional disturbance. It can be used as a diagnostic tool and/or a profound therapeutic process.

SRT works best when a client is in a disturbing state of mind. This procedure possesses the following attributes:

  • SRT can detect unobservable dissociation and mind wandering instantly. 80% of PTS clients dissociate and, on the average, 46.4% of people’s minds wander.

  • SRT can detect right/left brain incongruity and integrate them in minutes which facilitates release of unwanted emotions.

  • SRT can facilitate awareness of related implicit memory and facilitate resolution of it.

  • SRT can facilitate trauma resolution within a single session.

  • SRT can produce resolution of depression within a single session or a brief series of sessions.

  • SRT can produce long-term elimination of chronic disturbing emotional states in minutes.