ETT Biofield & Distant Healing Course 1

Dr. Vazquez focuses on rapidly relieving the stress component of illness, injury and physical pain as well as alleviating trauma, depression, anxiety disorders, etc. This includes bacterial and viral infections as well as autoimmune disorders.

Dr. Steven Vazquez, LPC-S, LMFT is a skilled psychological counselor and one of the foremost facilitators of healing the mind and body. He had a spiritual awakening in 1984 from which his ability to facilitate extraordinary healing emerged. Dr. Vazquez was selected as one of the three most advanced healers in the U. S. to be a subject in a scientific study about the nature of the inner experience of healers. It is published in the article “The Anthropological and Scientific Case for Psychoenergetic Healing” by Charles Seiders in 2003.

This work can be conducted at a distance or in person. There is now substantial scientific evidence for the effectiveness of biofield therapy for distant healing in general. Biofield therapy includes Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Cranio-Sacral therapy and others. Dr. Vazquez originated an approach in this same category, but it is unique and not drawn from any other energetic healing method. It is not usually imparted onto an inactive client but involves client participation. It is a non-touch approach that emanates from the facilitators state of consciousness. This approach is spiritual but does not require client belief in a certain religion. Dr. Vazquez has a pluralistic spiritual/religious orientation.

Generally speaking, clients are often surprised at the speed and magnitude of healing outcomes and confused about how it can be facilitated at any distance through interaction by phone or virtual sessions. However, it may require clients to change factors that contributed to their condition such as poor lifestyle habits, unhealthy behavior related to stress or other factors, in order for improvement to maintain. For example, if a person consistently drinks too much alcohol that produces a liver dysfunction, we may heal liver symptoms but eliminating alcohol will help to maintain the healing.

What can this Method Achieve?

While no method of healing psychological or physical conditions is always successful and cannot be guaranteed, this method has a very high level of consistent outcomes. It can occur in the following ways:

  • It typically provides immediate healing in one session.

  • It may provide gradual healing over a series of sessions.

  • It may provide healing that occurs in a delayed manner, after sessions are completed.

  • It may produce unintended healing of a symptom that was not targeted for change.

  • It can provide group healing of physical, psychological, or spiritual issues.

  • It may provide healing of conditions for which there is no known medical or psychological cure.

  • It may alleviate symptoms of conditions that were described as degenerative.

  • It may correct symptoms of conditions that were thought to be genetically derived by apparently altering genetic expression through epigenetics.

Course Offerings:

This Biofield and Distant Healing course is offered in two course segments plus a group consultation session after each course.

  • Course 1 is a 2 day online live course. Prerequisites include an interview with Dr. Steven Vazquez.

  • Each course costs $295.

  • Each consultation is an hour and a half and costs $40.

  • Certification can be granted after demonstration of competency to Dr. Vazquez once all courses and required consultations are completed.