ETT Couples Therapy

This new approach to couple therapy takes all couple work to a new level of impact!

The vast majority of individual counseling impacts relationships with people close to the client. Unfortunately, it is a mistake to assume that counseling methods used in individual counseling can simply be extended into couple’s therapy. Good couple’s therapy requires a different paradigm. I have developed an entirely different paradigm of couple’s therapy which includes ETT® that radically accelerates the speed and depth of couple’s therapy. This approach does not simply use the four ETT® modalities; it uses entirely new ways to manage interpersonal processes and the couple’s visual ecology.

This approach provides a unique power to rapidly break impasses and particularly impasses of long-term hostile conflict. While it uses conventional aspects of systems approaches, and communication work, the addition of attachment-based concepts and visual ecology drastically amplifies the impact of interventions in ways that rapidly change the most difficult couples. This new model is substantially different than the couple’s course from 2009. This stunning new method for couple therapy can accomplish results unparalleled in marriage and relationship treatment.

Relationship issues and couple therapy include:

  • Rapid reduction of interpersonal conflict

  • Recovery from affairs

  • Correction of communication dysfunctions

  • Resolution of sex and intimacy issues

  • Resolution of parenting issues

  • Recovery from domestic violence

  • Resolution of spiritual and religious conflicts

The couple treatment method offered facilitates unusually rapid progress of issues that typically take many months. Both partners should ideally be involved, but some benefits can occur with only one partner in the counseling process.