ETT Level 1

Introduction to Emotional Transformation Therapy

Emotional Transformation Therapy® (ETT®) identifies, processes and releases neurophysiological sources of emotional and bodily pain, trauma, and depression at unprecedented speeds.

Emotional Transformation Therapy® (ETT®) is an attachment-focused form of interpersonal psychotherapy that uses a powerful new form of eye movement in therapy. ETT® provides a new level for client safety by rapidly regulating intense emotion, yet it can also help dissociative clients feel again. It is simultaneously a form of moment to moment diagnosis and an effective treatment. When empirically based concepts from quantum physics and interpersonal neurobiology are used in combination, the core of emotional distress can be precisely accessed while providing attuned interpersonal support.

This training introduces theoretical premises of ETT®. These are visual brain stimulation, attachment based interpersonal neurobiology, and how specific wavelengths of light affect the brain. Two ETT® techniques are presented in this training: Spectral Resonance Technique (SRT) and Multidimensional Eye Movement (MDEM).

Clinicians will learn how to:

  • Identify three significant historical events in light therapy

  • Identify features of SAD treatment

  • Identify how visual light stimulation affects the brain

  • List ten attachment disorders and optimal responses to them

  • Learn rapid procedures to eliminate distress

  • Identify how visual perception can diagnose emotional patterns

  • List emotional themes related to colors

  • Identify general precautions for using ETT®

  • Describe Spectral Resonance Technique

  • Rapidly reduce emotional overwhelm

  • Rapidly reduce symptoms of physical pain

  • Rapidly uncover implicit core emotional issues for long-term relief

Clinicians will be introduced to the techniques for using the spectral resonance chart and color-tipped wands for multidimensional eye movement. Each clinician will have the opportunity to practice the strategies taught during the course.

Multi-Dimensional Eye Movement (MDEM) is a new, advanced form of therapeutic eye movement that relieves trauma at an unparalleled speed. It facilitates relief of emotional distress and physical pain in minutes. It is totally unlike EMDR and operates on scientifically verified principles. MDEM often produces long-term change in a single session.

This training will revolutionize the outcomes you produce in therapy!

Course Objectives:

  • To recognize eleven attachment patterns and optimal interventions for them

  • To identify emotional themes that correlate with eleven different colors

  • To identify five techniques involving multidimensional eye movement process