ETT Biofield & Distant Healing Course 2

This course is intended to teach participants to develop a profound non-touch biofield healing ability. We shall explore the conventional symptom-remedy approach versus a more complete mind-body-spirit approach.

  • You will learn symbolic meanings of physical symptoms and how to use these meanings to understand and heal these symptoms.
  • You will recognize the role of interpersonal boundary violations and related physical symptoms.
  • Many physical symptoms are a direct consequence of post traumatic stress disorder which makes it necessary to resolve PTSD in order to resolve the physical symptoms.
  • Many physical symptoms are the result of lifestyle issues that can be changed.
  • Many physical symptoms possess secondary gains or unconscious benefits that must be understood and resolved in order to acquire long-term resolution. These issues can all be affected by means of biofield and distant healing.

This course will review students progress in applying the biofield and distant healing principles. Special attention will be paid to healing trauma and a wide variety of physical problems. Students will need to be able to demonstrate this method in my presence in order to become certified. Biofield & Distant Healing course 1 will need to be taken prior to this course as well as a consultation. Consultations will take place after this course to strengthen your skills.

Course Offerings:

  • Course 2 is a 2 day online live course. Prerequisites include Course 1 and group consultation completion.

  • Each course costs $295.

  • Each consultation is an hour and a half and costs $40.

  • Certification can be granted after demonstration of competency to Dr. Vazquez once all courses and required consultations are completed.