ETT Level 5

Religious & Spiritual Treatment Strategies

Clinicians will learn ETT® techniques to assist with religious/spiritual issues. Dr. Vazquez teaches clinicians how to integrate religious/spiritual issues into psychotherapy when appropriate.

Clinicians will be able to:

  • List three types of religious or spiritual issues clients may bring into counseling

  • Describe Fowler’s Stages of Faith

  • Describe the use of ETT® for treating sacred clashes from within

  • Describe how to facilitate states of extreme wellbeing without the use of drugs

Specialized treatment for these issues includes the following:

  • Recovery from damage by churches or religious leaders

  • Help when religious coping fails

  • Resolution of issues unique to people in clergy families

  • Inner work for atheists and agnostics

  • Resolving problems for couples who are in conflict about religion or spirituality

  • Providing help for people who are seeking a direct experience of spiritual wellbeing

  • Providing direction for people who have unusual spiritual experiences that need understanding and support.

In addition to demonstrations, each clinician will have the opportunity to practice the strategies taught during the course.

Course Objectives

  • Identify DSM 5 diagnostic criteria for religious or spiritual problems

  • Identify ASERVIC 14 Spiritual Competencies

  • Describe at least 5 symptoms of Kundalini Rising

  • Describe methods of After Death Communication

  • Describe Attachment Theory and Religion